About Me

My name is Nathan Hudson and I live in the Horicon, WI area.  I’m an empty-nester with my wife Lisa for over 30 years together, with my three kids Jenna (husband Tony and granddaughter Sophia), Ryan (and wife Kristin), and Kyle. Yes, I’m a Wisconsinite, use the word bubbler, soda, and some would say a little too much Norwegian based on my accent.

Where do I work?

I work for VMware by Broadcom as a Strategic Solutions Architect and play a critical role in building and sustaining customer relationships while driving the adoption of their solutions.  I work very closely with sales to build long-term business relationships within assigned “named” accounts in my area. My position is a high impact, very visible and social role responsible for ensuring extensive enterprise adoption of our software and solutions.

What else am I involved with?


I’ve completed 4 years in the Office of the CTO, Ambassador program and plan to re-apply once I complete my mandatory 1 year off.  The VMware CTO Ambassador (CTOA) program is focused on creating and developing technology focused communities that span R&D and the field. This enables the effective flow of information and knowledge, backwards and forwards, between R&D and the field, and ultimately with our customers and partners, which in turn drives more profitable relationships, greater revenue, and new and improved products. The CTOA program’s specific mission falls into four main areas:

  1. To disseminate information and knowledge from Office of the CTO and Research and Development, to our field, partners and customers.
  2. To aggregate, distill and feedback field, partner and customer insights to R&D, to better inform and drive strategy and products.
  3. To develop and grow technical talent in the field.​
  4. To create and maintain the communities which facilitate the above.

I’m also a military veteran and member of the Veterans@VMware group.  It is a globally chartered organization as a subsidiary of the Inclusion@VMware a subsidiary of VMware, Inc.   The purpose of the group includes the following:

  • To foster a culture of excellence and support its EPIC2 values.
  • Increase branding in support of veterans’ interests globally through military and veteran communities.
  • Recruit military veterans to join.
  • Retain veterans already working within the company.
  • Mentor veterans, both those working internally and those externally.
  • Create awareness of veterans’ issues.
  • Celebrate the camaraderie and culture of military service within the company.
  • Encourage service by veterans and supporters, to the community and the benefit of the company.

What do I like to do?


I try to be involved as much as possible within the #vCommunity and I am a member of multiple VMware User Groups within the upper Midwest in the United States.  You can find me active on various social media platforms sharing community and work related news, events and activities for all things VMware and/or interest related.  If you’re interested in hearing a little more about how I started as well as some of my history getting into IT, you can check out my interview from Keith Townsend at one of our VMUG Virtual Events.

Technical Expertise

I love working for VMware and staying engaged in the community and live the #vmwarelife daily while conveying our EPIC2 Values within all my interactions with customers, partners, and community members.  Additionally, I have been a member of the vExpert program while working through some VMware technical certifications as I strive towards higher industry certification. I also have some legacy Microsoft Certifications from my former life before coming to work at here. One of my customers used our solutions as part of an embedded go-to-market strategy so my focus tends to be more towards embedded original equipment manufacturer solutions including edge related technologies.

Personal Interests

Some of my personal activities include bicycling (500 mile bike tours in North Dakota every other year), golfing with my son, fishing on my pontoon boat and kayak, 4-wheeling in my UTV, and hunting. I’m a TV and Movie fan and have quite a large Plex library at home to keep me occupied even when away from home. 

Cheesehead you say? Yes so sporting events include watching Baseball: Milwaukee Brewers, Football: Green Bay Packers, Basketball: Milwaukee Bucks, College Sports: Wisconsin Badgers, and tailgating whenever I can in my home state.

If you’d like to learn a little more on my history, LinkedIn does a pretty good job of summarizing my professional career.  You can contact me directly on any of the social media platforms listed below.  Thanks for visiting and hope to see you all in person.

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