What about V to P?

I know there is a lot of buzz out there on the concepts for taking a physical server and converting it to a virtual server, but what if you need to back that process out after running a VM for a month or so and realize that the VM is sucking up all your vurtual resources. How do you go from virtual to physical. Altiris Deployment Server for clients and or HP RDP can be used on an imaging perspective to take the virtual server/client, take an image of the VM and deploy that image to a physical device. The concept is the same for prepping the machine to capture an image on a VM as it is a physical computer. You need to sysprep it if you plan on deploying it to a machine that will not be the same name, or you can use the image without sysprepping the machine if you plan on using the same name. Specifically, VMware has a technical document that will help in the process, along with some sample hardware vendor sysprep.inf files that can be used. HP RDP and Altiris Deployment Server have the integrated scripts that you can use for your specific hardware vendor, RDP for HP servers, Altiris with the Dell Toolkit, IBM Server Scripting Toolkit, and Fujitsu Toolkit as well.

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