Macbook Air and VMware Fusion

My youngest son recently trashed my home laptop that my wife and I share. Luckily I had some decent data recovery software to pull the data off the toasted hard drive. My next decision was to go the cheap and fast route of visiting Costco and purchasing the first eye candy laptop I could find, or go with the later in the year plan of splurging for a mac. After being persuaded to use the 1 year no interest financing option, i splurged for a

. I now have all the software that my wife and I used to use on a PC running on the mac, as well as

which handles the weird apps that would not run in the mac-world. I can’t believe I didn’t get one earlier. If only I could get my employer to authorize these as a real work computer, especially with either Fusion or View as options to get to a windows world if I needed it.

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