VMware Remote Console for Mac now Available!!

If you use a mac, one of the things you will notice when connecting to a vCenter 5.5 Web console is when connecting to a VM to open a console session, you only had the option to ‘Launch Console’ which would open up a console session in a new browser window or tab depending on how you have your browser setup.

With the new VMware Remote Console for Mac installed, you now have a new option available which will open the VMware Remote Console in a separate application window for console sessions to running virtual machines.  Clicking on the ‘I’ icon next to Open will provide the details on what the VMRC will do.

Launching the VMRC will prompt you to use the newly installed application to open the VM console using the application installed rather than launching the console in a separate browser window.
Once the VMRC window has launched, you will find that the remote console session looks, acts, and feels very similar to managing a VM that was running in VMware Fusion.
 To learn more or to download the VMRC visit the VMware Download Site.
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