What’s New with VMware Integrated OpenStack 4.0

VMware Integrated OpenStack 4 to Deliver Enhanced Performance and Scale Capabilities


VMware Integrated OpenStack is an OpenStack distribution from VMware that complies with the OpenStack Foundation’s 2017.01 interoperability guidelines. It provides customers with the fastest and most efficient solution to deploy and operate OpenStack clouds on VMware’s software-defined data center (SDDC) infrastructure — typically without the need for professional services. VMware Integrated OpenStack 4 will support the latest OpenStack release — Ocata — enabling customers to take advantage of new performance and scalability enhancements to core compute and networking services as well as increased support for containers. VMware Integrated OpenStack 4 will introduce several new capabilities and integrations beyond those made available by the community. Additional new functionality will include:

  • Enhancements that enable enterprises to run containerized applications alongside traditional applications in production on OpenStack
  • vRealize Automation™ integration to enable OpenStack users to use vRealize Automation-based policies and to consume OpenStack components within vRealize Automation blueprints
  • Increased scale and isolation for OpenStack clouds enabled through new multi-VMware vCenter® support

Whats New?

  • Support for newer OpenStack version Ocata.
  • Features to strengthen our NFV offerings, like SR-IOV and NUMA enhancements
  • Higher scale by allowing up to six vCenters
  • Integration with vRealize Automation
  • A new container platform built on Kubernetes is now included and fully supported
  • Secure multi-tenancy with guaranteed resource allocation with the introduction of tenant virtual datacenter
  • VLAN transparency, both for VDS and NSX
  • Live Resize of disk, memory, and vCPU.
  • Introduction of a new licensing model with two different license types, Datacenter and Carrier Edition.

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