Altiris Infrastructure Monitoring

I brought this topic up the other day at the Altiris Midwest User Group meeting at TAP Pharmaceuticals but wanted to mention it again as I hope you will use the free tools that Altiris provides to help with the day-to-day administration of Altiris products. Altiris provides a pretty decent server monitoring product, but it is typically used if you manage a server environment and it costs a bit of money that you may not necessarily have to spend. However, they provide the same Server Monitoring product that you can use on your Altiris Infrastructure for free. It is called Altiris Monitoring Solution for Altiris Infrastructure. You can download for free from Altiris. Once you go through the down load process, DO NOT forget to register it on their website and you will receive a license file good for 1000 nodes of the product. This can be used on your Notification Servers, Recovery Servers and Package Servers to keep track of their server performance and notify you of problems via email or SNMP traps. It comes with a report pack that includes reporting data on statistics of your event queue as well as the canned OS performance data reports including information on processor utilization, disk useage, database performance and event log data.

You can monitor such things as:

  • .NET services
  • Notification Database
  • Disks
  • IIS
  • Processes
  • Notification Server event queues
  • Notification Server log files
  • Recovery Solution Server critical and non-critical errors
  • Recovery Solution Server database connections
  • Recovery Solution Server raw storage

This is a very useful tool that will allow you to be a little more proactive at resolving problems that may occur within your Altiris environment. There are other free applications that Altiris provides, but this one I feel has more than paid for some of the other solutions that I have used, just by allowing me to be proactive on some of the things that can go wrong as an Altiris Administrator. Try it out, it is free, did I mention that it’s free?

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