Everything you need to know about VMware VVOLs

HOL Links

HOL-1708-SDC-2 – VVOLs and Storage Policy-Based Management


HOL-SDC-1627 – VVOL, VSAN & Storage Policy-Based Management



Virtually Speaking Podcast VVOLs – http://vexpert.me/V5

VMware Virtual Blocks Blogs

Getting Ready for VVOLs – http://vexpert.me/Vu

Virtual Volumes – http://vexpert.me/V6

What’s new in VVOLs 2.0 – http://vexpert.me/V7

3 Reasons customers use VVOLS – http://vexpert.me/V8

Is Storage DRS Necessary for VVOLs – http://vexpert.me/Vs

Backing up VVOLs – http://vexpert.me/Vt

VMware Storage Hub


Storage Provider Demo Links

EMC VMAX – http://vexpert.me/Va

EMC VNX – http://vexpert.me/Vb

Netapp – http://vexpert.me/Vc

HP 3PAR – http://vexpert.me/Vd

HP 3PAR Deep Dive – http://vexpert.me/Ve

IBM XIV – http://vexpert.me/Vf

Dell – http://vexpert.me/Vg

Hitachi – http://vexpert.me/Vh

Fujitsu – http://vexpert.me/Vi

Atlantis – http://vexpert.me/Vj

Pure – http://vexpert.me/Vk

NextGen – http://vexpert.me/Vl

On Demand Webcasts

Technical Overview of VVOLs – http://vexpert.me/Vm

VVOLs and Their Impact on the Datacenter – http://vexpert.me/Vn


VVOL Getting Started Guide – http://vexpert.me/Vo

What’s New in VVOLs 1.5 – http://vexpert.me/Vp

VVOLs Datasheet – http://vexpert.me/Vq

VVOLs FAQs – http://vexpert.me/Vr

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