What’s New with VMware vRealize Automation 7.3

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The vRealize Automation 7.3 release includes resolved issues and the following new capabilities:

  • Parameterized Blueprints to Enhance Reusability And Reduce Sprawl
  • Policy-Based Optimization of Virtual Machine Placement
  • Enhanced Control of NSX-Provisioned Load Balancers
  • Enhanced NAT Port Forwarding Rules
  • NSX Security Group and Tag Management
  • High Availability Automated for NSX Edge Services
  • NSX Edge Size Selection
  • Configuration Automation Framework – Puppet Integration
  • Improvements to Installation, Upgrade, Migration
  • REST API Improvements
  • Improvements to High Availability
  • Enhanced vRealize Business for Cloud Integration – Cloud Management Platform
  • Audit Logging
  • Health Service
  • Destroy Virtual Machine Enhancement – Force Destroy
  • Syntax Highlighting for Software Lifecycle Scripts
  • New Business Group User Role to Enable Shared Resource Access and Management
  • Ability for Software Components to Consume Custom Properties
  • Improvements to the Handling of Secure Custom Properties
  • Extended Ext ernal IP AM Vendor Framework
  • Endpoint Configuration Service – Streamlined Endpoint Management
  • Azure Public Cloud Service Design Enhancements
  • vRealize Orchestrator Control Center RBAC
  • IT Process Automation with Updated SDDC Support
  • vRealize Automation and ServiceNow Enhancements
  • VMware Admiral Integration (Container Blueprints)
  • Enhanced Event Log Functionality
  • Audit Logging Enabled by Default for some items
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