What’s New with VMware vRealize Orchestrator 7.3

vRealize Orchestrator 7.3 introduces a number of improvements, bug fixes, and extends the automated configuration with new options:

  • Integration with Single Sign-On (SSO) through vRealize Automation or vSphere authentication.
  • Improved configuration of Control Center, including an initial configuration wizard.
  • Role-based access to Control Center as opposed to the unrestricted root access in earlier versions.

The redesigned vRealize Orchestrator vCenter Server plug-in is now included in the vRealize Orchestrator platform. The new vCenter Server plug-in has the following features:

  • Simplified maintenance and faster troubleshooting, compared to the earlier versions of the plug-in.
  • Improved performance thanks to an optimized communication with the vSphere Server instances and changes in the caching schema.
  • Maximum compatibility of the scripting API and content compatibility with the vSphere products with version 5.5 and later.
  • Support for Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) and Storage Monitoring Service (S MS) endp oints.

The vRealize Orchestrator Dynamic Types plug-in 1.3.0 includes two new features.

  • Added support for custom DynamicType properties that are persistent in the configuration.
  • Introduced an improved caching mechanism that supports configuring timeout settings per object

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