VMware Skyline Advisor 2.1, Skyline Viewer 3.1 Highlights on What’s New

Skyline Advisor 2.1 Release Highlights:

Proactive Support for Two New Products:

  • Horizon (v7.0 and above) & vRealize Operations Manager (v6.6, 6.7 & 7.0)
    • Skyline has now expanded its footprint to deliver Proactive Findings for Horizon View & vRealize Operations within Skyline Advisor.
  • Very soon, Skyline Proactive Findings will also be viewable within the vRealize Operations UI after successful installation of Skyline Management Pack.

Inventory View:

  • Skyline now offers a detailed & consolidated view of your vSphere, vSAN & NSX-v infrastructures. Additionally, Skyline now includes deployment identification of Dell VxRail & VMware Validated Designs.
  • These views will enable you and VMware Tech Support teams to better collaborate on resolving issues across multiple product lines.

Log Assist Enhancement:

  • When using the Log Assist feature, you and VMware Technical Support Engineers (TSEs) can now search for objects based on object name. This feature streamlines the Log Assist request process in large and complex environments.

Muted Findings and Objects:

  • This simple and powerful feature will allow you to mute findings and objects on issues you want to delay the remediation for. You can unmute the Findings and objects at any time.

Ability to Deregister Collectors:

  • As of Monday, April 1st, you are able to remove retired Skyline Collectors from the Cloud Services Platform Skyline Collector Service.

Consolidated OSR package for Premier Services Customers:

  • This has been a continued request from both our you & VMware TSEs.
  • A .zip file contains the consolidated OSR along with .csv file for every Proactive Finding.
  • The Proactive Finding .csv file will also contain details such as risk of not remediating, recommendations and a list of affected objects.
  • These files will be downloadable for VMware TSEs from the OSR library in Viewer and for Premier Services customers in Advisor.

Skyline Viewer 3.1 Release Highlights:

Apart from delivering the above features, we are also excited to launch Skyline Viewer 3.1 that delivers some very powerful enhancements for VMware Tech Support teams. Below is a quick snapshot of the Skyline Viewer 3.1 release highlights:

Access to Viewer from Support Requests (SRs) in SFDC:

  • VMware TSEs can now access Skyline Viewer directly from an SR within SFDC.
  • This enables streamlined resolution of issues with Inventory View, automated log file upload and Proactive Findings

Role-based access within Viewer for Federal customers:

  • Access to Federal customers is now automatically restricted to employees who are US citizens residing on the US soil.

Coming Soon: Consolidated Recommendations:

  • Findings are grouped by consolidated upgrade recommendations, which show software interoperability across products and enable you to see how your software deployment will be affected by remediating specific Findings.
  • This feature will be released only in Viewer initially with plans to roll out to you in a subsequent release of Advisor, pending further testing and validation.

Skyline Viewer is a powerful, one-stop shop for viewing your Proactive Findings, environment inventory and automating the log file upload process. It will also now have a tighter integration with internal VMware Salesforce staff for streamlined issue resolution.

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