VMware Test Drive 3.0 Launch

As VMware’s products and services continue to evolve, TestDrive environments also transform to provide best-in-class user experiences. Announcing, TestDrive 3.0!


TestDrive is the only place to see the entire VMware stack configured and ready to go, integrated with live applications in a real world environment.

TestDrive is built on bare metal for maximum performance and is a true hybrid cloud architecture designed with reference architecture and best practice to be the ultimate product experience.

In order to fortify TestDrive infrastructure, future-proof TestDrive for the VMware product portfolio, as well as properly support Workspace ONE features in a shared user environment in a GDPR world, extensive changes needed to be made.

All TestDrive systems have been rebuilt—from the ground up—in order to optimally showcase the VMware product portfolio. As well, a new, multi-cloud architecture both extends and enhances product demo support.

Click here for the full KB article.

We have taken a huge step forward in ensuring TestDrive will be ready to onboard the rest of the VMware product portfolio and that we’re always providing the latest and greatest showcases for all of our products.

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